Best Counter Strike 1.6 Setup

High Definition Skins, Maps and Graphics

HD Graphics

Best graphics you will ever see in a Counter Strike 1.6 version. Best models, sounds, gfx, textures, maps etc. This setup include new maps with high-definition graphics. Minimum system requirements to run the game fast and with 100 fps. Works on all pc and laptops, even they are old. There is no need for a new video card. It works even on the oldest video or built-in processor boards.


Our setup have integrated 2020 update. No lag, high fps and no bugs. The game works perfect on all operating systems like: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10. Fast download and fast install. You can play with bots on all maps that you want to. Works as well on internet servers for best experience.

Fast Download

You can download this version from dedicated servers with best download speed. You can download with great speed from countriers like: France, Italy or Romania. Average download time is 2 minutes but depends of your internet connection as well.

Download Counter Strike 1.6 HD Version

Because Counter-Strike 1.6 was the most played shooter game in history, we decided to create an HD version. Counter-Strike 1.6 remains a very popular game.

Download the game from server.


Download Torrent

Why to chose this version:

The best graphics in the counter-strike 1.6 game

This version benefits from the latest updates.

Complex menu with various settings like: usual commands, scripts, optimization the game, options, my settings, target settings, server commands, bots, chat color, say commands, register demo, change map, change graphics, configs, etc.

The game contains the following maps: de_dust2_thera_b4, de_bank_csgo, de_greece-x_b1, de_safehouse_csgo, css_dust2sky_go, css_dust20, de_inferno, de_tuscan, dm_venice_cso, de_nuke_rarea, de_aztec, cs_italy_remake, de_westwood, de_cbble, de_dust2, de_dustyaztec, de_nuke, de_safehouse_csgo, cs_assault_1337, de_train32, de_train, de_Dust2x2, fy_snow, fy_buzzkill, awp_garden.


Images from the game

Some images from this version

Team select

This is what the team selection in the game looks like. Whether you choose terro or counter.

Weapon menu

This is the menu where you can buy weapons in the game. Complex menu of the highest quality.

HD Knife Skin

Great knife skin and screen of new dust2 retextured map.

AWP Skin

Nice awp skin with inspection function.

M4A1 Skin

M4A1 skin and a new HD map that you can play on.


AK47 weapon and screen from lake house, like in Cs Go.

IDF Defender

Desert Eagle


Steyr AUG

Sig SG-552

Steyr Scout

Dual Elites

FN M249 Para